Two years ago, a specialist told me that I could never .... An elevation of 4,000 would be difficult, 6,000 pushing it beyond reason and 8,000 a risk of life. Today, I climbed the trail and steps of a recently discovered pyramid in Mexico. Cañada de la Virgen reaches 7,647 feet in elevation. Along the hike, I was met by the gods and creatures of 700 AD Mesoamerica. The feathered serpent was there to test and challenge, the smoking mirror drew tears, the jaguar, the dog as my guide to the underworld and a kind wolf by my side to survey each step. Wind blew into me as if by force of sun and moon. I made it ... I made it to the top on this day that is also the continuing celebration of Dia de los Muertos. This is the time we take to honor and celebrate the people and generations that have passed. We recognize death as something just as near as life itself. Before us we create the altar and give offerings of marigold. My lungs are open today and so must be my heart. I am here. I am still here.