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"Wanderlust propels us to a faraway place and when we arrive we settle in and become still. It is only then that we are able to see for the first time. But, this place is not new. This place is quickly recognized deep within — by our very soul. We have been here before.

Our exploration is not of foreign vistas, rather memories of home."

– Tamara Gunter

Tamara Gunter grew up chasing fireflies and photos in Austin, Texas where she still resides along with two Golden Retrievers underfoot. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Arizona State University, she worked in the creative field as graphic designer, art director and brand identity manager spanning nine years. While the focus of her advancing career centered on global marketing and technology, her art and heart remains in travel photography. Tamara’s work is shaped by her design discipline and ethos. Her artistic point of view was stirred by her grandparents’ humanitarian work abroad and cultivated through her own journeys from Cape Town to Sichuan to Cappadocia and beyond. As a fine art photographer, Tamara explores manifestations of solitude and the culture and character that is born of landscape. It is the spirit of place that compels her.

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